Exun Clan

Founded in 1992, Exun is the technology club at Delhi Public School R.K. Puram. The word ‘Exun’ is short for Experts Unlimited, and that’s exactly what we are: young technology enthusiasts excelling in diverse fields of technology, from research, development, and programming to tech quizzing, debating and design.

Under the mentorship of Mr. Mukesh Kumar, its founder & teacher-in-charge, Exun has emerged as the foremost high- school technology club of India, with its members winning inter- school, national, and international competitions on a regular basis. Exun is a forty member organization, bestowing less than 2% of the student body with its prestigious membership.

With an alumni network of 330+ individuals at companies and universities around the world, Exun is well connected to the contemporary technology landscape.

Event History

Having represented the school in various computing symposia in India and around the world, the club also hosts its annual computer symposium, Exun. Exun has been held 24 times and has been a great success each time.

Exun 2020BML Munjal University, Athena Education, Wolfram Language, Women Who Code Delhi, Devfolio, Supported by Digital India
Exun 2019BML Munjal University, Oxford University Press, Evelyn Learning, Digital India
Exun 2018UniRely, Athena Education, Pearl Academy, Supported by Digital India
Exun 2017Bennett University, AVIT, USA Univquest, Sony
Exun 2016Sony, Playstation, Zeiss, Bennett University, Avit, Cubelelo
Exun 2015Intel, Unity Group, Microsoft Research, SmartEdu
Exun 2014Intel, Crompton, T.I.M.E., Compton Computers (P) Limited
Exun 2013Intel, InSynegy
Exun 2012Intel
Exun 2011Intel
Exun 2010NIIT eGuru, Masonite, Xtreme Gaming
Exun 2009Norton (Symantec), Xsys Technologies, RX Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Dominos Pizza
Exun 2008Mangalayatan University
Exun 2007Pavna
Exun 2006HP
Exun 2005Sony
Exun 2004HCL Infosystems
Exun 2003HCL Infosystems
Exun 2002Legris
Exun 2001-
Exun 2000eGurucool.com
Exun 1999MantraOnline
Exun 1998HCL
Exun 1997NIIT
Exun 1996HCL Infosystem'