25–26 November

It’s here.

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Schedule - Day 2 (26th November, 2017)

Time(Hrs) AVH Computer Labs Computer Labs Seminar Room OAT
8:30 Reporting Time
9:30 Senior Quiz
Domain2+ Gaming (Finals)

Delhi-NCR Gaming (Finals)

Cubing Events
11:00 Crossword
13:00 Build - Pitching
15:00 Prize Distribution

Senior Quiz

An enigmatic quiz based on technology.

6 teams will qualify the prelims.

Open 2 2

Junior Quiz

An enigmatic quiz based on technology

6 teams will qualify the prelims.

Upto 10 2 2


A challenging crossword based on technology

6 teams will qualify the prelims.

Open 2 2


A competitive programming event

Unlimited teams of two can compete. Prelims will be held on Monday, 20 November from 5 PM to 8 PM at exun.co/compprog-prelims. Top teams will be invited for the onsite round where they will face a plethora of arithmetic, logic and algorithm based problems and will be tested on time taken and their solution(s). Participants will be using C++ on a G++ compiler.

Open 2

Challenge Programming

Because having one surprise event is too mainstream.

Expect nothing. Qualified teams only. Use of only C++ is allowed.

Open 1 2


The lyf so short, the crafte so long to lerne

Build is an event that requires creative participants from a school to come together and build a beautiful product. The prelims prompt is available at exun.co/build.

Open 1 4

Group Discussion

A discussion based on technology

Participants will face challenges of reasoning and communication in a group setting.

Open 1 2


A study in silicon

Participants will tough it out in multiple rounds based on theoretical and practical knowledge of computer hardware, components and their working.

Open 1 1



Tqub dtz popz rxC

Open 1 2


An online global cryptic hunt

The event will be held over 48 hours, from 00:00:00 on 20 November 2017 to 23:59:59 on 21 November 2017. Details will be made available on sudocrypt.com. Top 25 rank-holders will get Expert Sudo certificates while the top 3 winners will receive prizes.

Open 1


It's always the small pieces that make the big picture.

The finalists of each event will battle it out, head to head, in an average of 5 time format - the best and worst solves are negated, and the mean of the middle 3 solves will be taken. The finals will take place in relay fashion, with heats of 4 participants.

Open 1 2

Domain 2+ Gaming

Send your best gamer.

Be prepared for anything.

Open 1 1

Delhi-NCR Junior Gaming Championship Finals

The finale.

The finals of the Delhi-NCR Jr. Gaming Championship, of which the qualifiers were held in the 15 schools that registered for it. Only those students will participate which qualified from their respective schools.

Open 1 4


"War does not determine who is right, only who is left."

Prelim and final round details on exun.co/robowars

Open 1 2

MX+C (line follower)

Build a line following robot.

Prelim and final round details on exun.co/mx+c

Open 1 2