Celebrating 25 years of Exun.
15 - 22 November
Exun 2020
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Bigger and better than ever before.

Exun has been organizing its annual flagship event for over two decades. With Exun 2020, we're going international — participants from all around the globe, coming together to celebrate the essence of technology.

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Exun Fireside Chat

22nd November (Sunday) at 10:00 am IST

Join us for an interactive session with Exun alumni at exun.co/fireside. We encourage you to ask questions about building good products, working in technology landscape and much more!

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Saif Hasan

Exun President '95

Engineering Manager

Facebook, Seattle

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Gaurav Lochan

Exun President '95

Engineering Manager

WhatsApp, Palo Alto

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Manas Mittal

Exun President '01

Head of Product (Ads)

Uber, San Francisco

Exun Videos


Exun Talks

Exun Talks are a series of semi-professional sessions relating to technology, with speakers including Exun and DPS RKP alumni, YouTubers among others. We have an exciting lineup in store and more speakers to be confirmed soon! Register at exun.co/talkreg to receive all information and latest updates regarding Exun Talks. To attend any talk, you can visit exun.co/talks at the scheduled time.

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Aarman Roy

21 November, 5:00 - 6:00 PM IST

Aarman Roy is an alumnus of Exun Clan (class of 2013-14) and currently studying at the School of Visual Arts, New York. He is the co-founder of Akademi, an upcoming publication dedicated to politics, art, culture and society. Join us here as he discusses his journey, his work with Akademi and why he believes his life and design career are always in progress - Just like our finally final designs


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Build is an event that requires creative participants from a team to come together and build solutions to pervasive problems. Build at Exun 2020 will feature three separate sub-events, the Designathon, Hackathon, and Unreality (GameDev).


Exun Clan is collaborating with the Delhi Chapter of the prestigious National Space Society (USA) to give students the opportunity to explore the realms of space and its concurrence with technology.


Sudocrypt, Exun Clan’s annual online cryptic hunt, will be held over 48 hours from 00:00:00 IST on 9th November to 23:59:59 IST on 10th November. Details will be released soon. Participants are required to join the official Sudocrypt Discord server.

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