Exun 2019

Hello, world.

Exun 2019 is the 24th edition of Exun’s annual event.
It'll be held on 19th and 20th October.
Do you have what it takes to participate?

Bigger and better than ever before.

Exun has been organizing its flagship event for two decades. With Exun 2019, we’re continuing its legacy as a national event open to participants from around the country.


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Build is an event that requires creative participants from a team to come together and build solutions to pervasive problems. Build at Exun 2019 will feature two separate events: the Designathon and the Hackathon.


Exun Clan is collaborating with the Delhi Chapter of the prestigious National Space Society (USA) to give students the opportunity to explore the realms of space and its concurrence with technology.


Sudocrypt, Exun Clan’s annual online cryptic hunt, will be held over 48 hours.